martedì 27 luglio 2010

Venice is weird city that was building in a different way that rationalist for one simple reason it is built on water. Venice could not change either! It has remained entire, It has come down to us intact.
It will be the same since the water will not changed it.
I think this is cool but not so cool!

I'm going to explain my point:

Last week i was there with a friend.
Obviously it was not my 1st time, my eyes already knew that city, its labyrinthine structure, some about its history and the constraints with which it was built.
To visit Venice, we decided to walk lost as much as possible in every area making photos to take infos about we saw.
I think, it was like psychogeography and dérive, but in a more fun way than critical.

We did Venice's derive following flows of people so it's so easy to understand what happens there.
During the day Venice is like a huge museum that smell like mold and water pond..full of tourists that go around like zombies with appetite for ultravisible urban spectacle and every kind of shitty souvenir.

By night Venice is completly different...a kind of dark place "sinister", "depressing", and in some way "beautiful"...very very few people around..a place where you can go lost very very easy.
It happened to us.
We found a magical place where we made a video Venice has become other place where the city lost its formal value.

We gave to the city different value...our actions with the enviroment have become what maybe I think must be Venice and every city for all people that want to visit and live it...
...but It's sad 'cause is like to said that "art" can change the world where we live but i know that it's no true.
Surrealists was wrong...even situationists... what can i said?
LIFE IS NOW as said a TV spot!


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