sabato 16 aprile 2011

FREE DOWNLOAD!!! Duodenum live @ Borgata Boredom!!! FUCK THE RECORD STORE DAY!!!

Today is fucking shitty capitalist Record Store day!
If you know Bubca Records…you know that we don’t sell stuff for make money.
Our passions are priceless and we do not sell them to anyone or anything.

So this is Bubca Records free present for you:

Duodenum live @ Borgata Boredom
(click on the word "duodenum live" to listen & download it!)
14th April 2011, Circolo degli Artisti, Rome

photos by the Imperator of 100 celle, Federico Gorini (thanx Inperator…we love you!)
recorded live in mono way with tape recorder fostex x-18 with old shitty mic from the 70th

thanx to Bubca Records, Mono Records, NO-Fi recordings, Alpacha Distro, Forte Fanfulla and the fucking great radio show La Cantina del Rock, the Imperator & our 1st fan the PsycoNano.

Soon will be out for the limited tape edition!

You can download for free too almost all the old Bubca stuff!

Bubca Records

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